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I've got questions and I need answers.

Why are people the way they are? We are all doing the same shit, just a different day. Every day people around the world are having a similar life event at the same time as you. You're reading a book, someone somewhere else in the world is doing the same exact thing. But bring it deeper, we are all living by our own compass. We make choices everyday which reflect what we want in the future, but our immediate actions and reactions are all learned behaviors from the past. I have a deep story written within me, and you have one too. We are all unique individuals because we're made up of our own experiences. Sometimes, we don't even know ourselves. Has anyone ever told you that you had a quirk about you, and when they told you, you were dumbfounded? You had no idea that you had that mannerism, but once brought to your attention, it raised a question. Where is that from? We all have a story that was written by us. What's yours?

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