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Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Hello, my name is Antonia ☺️ I have the cutest sidekick. Elie is a 5 year old puggle, half pug and half beagle. I'm a 90’s baby but my soul is stuck in the 60’s..grandma status as I would put it, my soul is as old as time. My best friend even had to make my website so I could finally share my blog with the world. 🙂 It's a compilation of various random moments, writing prompts and cute dog pics. With that, we wish you a warm welcome, and enjoy the inner workings of my head 😘

cutes, why the title?

~Nelly Furtado~ Am I throwing you off?

~Timbaland~ Nope

~Nelly Furtado~ Didn't think so

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Thursday October 21, 2021

So today I’m taking myself out on a date. I think it’s a good day for growth. I just mailed my ex’s stuff back and then I took myself out to lunch. I’m currently waiting at zoes, and while I was typin


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