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October 10, 2019

Q: If you could relive a wonderful time or moment, what would it be?

A: Having a rooster's crow as my alarm, getting up while it was still a little dark. Knowing it was only my grandpa and I awake at this hour. Walking down into the fields and going straight to my favorite tree. Sitting on a rock breaking off the hard outer-shell and eating almonds together, for what seemed like hours. We were meant to get some for the whole family, but only ending up bring back a handful. My grandpa winking at me while he tells my grandma that the tree didn't sprout enough. Sitting next to him at the breakfast table eating toast with a spread of my grandma's homemade marmalade.

I would do anything to experience that again, to feel his unspoken love and hold his hand one more time.

Papou, I love you, I miss you, and may your soul rest in peace. 29.6.2016

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