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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Today is Friday March 6th, 2020. Who me? I don't know her..

So funny story, I fell on the stairs yesterday. Notice how I didn't say "down".. Elie and I were halfway up the stairs. (Side note* the stairs are outdoor stairs.. concrete steps and metal guards 🙃) Elie hears something which causes her to fly up the stairs pulling me along with her. I immediately lose my balance and fall down, my right ankle (the fucked up one) smashes on the edge of a step and the right arm falls straight on the stairs, colliding perfectly with my funny bone. And I know what you're thinking, wow that sounds amazing, so happy for you.

The story gets better though, I also instinctively yell out "Elie, what the fuck!" All the sudden I see a head and half a body coming out of the apartment door closest to the stairs. He's actively putting on shoes while asking me if I'm alright. (Other side note* this neighbor is CUTE, like no average Joe cute. We've had one other quick encounter. Might as well explain it while I'm here. I was walking past his apartment on a walk with Elie and he opens his door a millisecond after we pass and it freaks the shit out of Elie who immediately flips arounds to look. He apologizes for startling us and we go on with our days. I remember him looking so cute but I couldn't say anything.) At that immediate moment, I was mortified, who falls on the stairs anymore? I looked absolutely crazy, my hair in a bun, a nasa sweatshirt covered in dog hair, Adidas sweatpants, stripped sock and the best part furry slides.. FURRY. I was a definite 10/10 at that moment 😉. He was too cute, so I explain myself *in word vomit* and apologize for screaming.

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