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sugar plum

"What if I kiss all the spots you taught yourself to hate? What if I placed my hands on them and left them still, long enough for my heat to join yours and you to forget there was ever air between our skin? What if I love all you loathe and what if I spend my days dirtying up your brain that was washed? Show you new pictures of the same you you started avoiding in the mirror? What if I say all they say is wrong and fill your ears with honest words in a language you stopped practicing? What if I plant new flowers in the places you frown at, and teach you the names of them as they bloom?  What if I told you to never cut them and let the petals decorate the floor as you twirl through your life? What if you forget you were ever anything other than beautiful?"

- Tyler Knott Gregson

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Thursday October 21, 2021

So today I’m taking myself out on a date. I think it’s a good day for growth. I just mailed my ex’s stuff back and then I took myself out to lunch. I’m currently waiting at zoes, and while I was typin


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