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Thursday October 21, 2021

So today I’m taking myself out on a date. I think it’s a good day for growth. I just mailed my ex’s stuff back and then I took myself out to lunch. I’m currently waiting at zoes, and while I was typing that, they brought out my food. You’ve got to love the universes timing sometimes. I thought mailing his stuff wouldn’t felt more monumental, like I was closing the chapter but I honestly just felt like another normal day at the post office. I mean everyone there definitely knew what I was doing. I mean who sends a couple t shirts and a phone charger through the mail.

he didn’t even want me to send his stuff back, he said it wasn’t even worth it. But I didn’t feel right keeping things that don’t belong to me. i contemplated sending a dollar bill that he folded into a heart but it was sentimental gift. I’ll keep it in my memory box.

I dont look back at our relationship with regrets, even though we did move really quickly. I learned a lot of lesson. I have a better understanding of how I want to be loved in the future. Honestly it’s the small things. There are things that past boys have done for me that he just didn’t. And I understand everyone has different love languages and how they show them. But in their own way, they show you they care. I didn’t really feel that way with him.

thanks for the chat today, it’s been a good lunch. If you take away the fact that the Hostess said my name over and over to himself 5 times and the two cat calls from men walking by and the one guy that yelled woo and drove around the block again to wave at me. It was great lunch. Reminds me of how much I love people 🙃

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